Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So this is how you get fat....

I am in a workout slump. I think the last time I was this inactive, I had spasmonic dysphomia, in the fifth grade. That little spell took my vocal chords and my activity for about 9months. This time, I have no excuse. Usually when I get depressed (see anxious, stressed) , I don't eat, I run. A good bout of stress and or depression will usually knock off a couple of pounds. Not this time. It seems that this time, I have run out of margin. There is nothing left to push me to run and I am not running. I am walking in fact. Just to put it into perspective, walking for me is the last noble push from my deflated self motivation. Walking much like the elliptical machine, is what happens just before immobility and sleeping. I wish I had some sort of physical ailment to blame it on. There is that back burner thyroid problem but this bout of non-motivation came on conspicuously at the same time as my new job. Strangely, I have alot of energy for my job. I went to work at 7am two mornings in a row, voluntarily. I am supposed to be there at 8. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled with my zeal for my career, I am just not sure how it is linked in and sucking the life out of my love of running.

If you see my former athletic shadow, send her my way. My clothes and running partner would appreciate the help.

Depressed Runner in 2009


  1. Maybe we switched spots! I've been having the opposite problem. My current way of dealing with this crazy move has been eating 1 1/2 meal a day and exercising. Also, lots of movies. Hm. A mystery, for sure. Of course, with all you've been doing, I don't see how you could possibly have the physical or otherwise energy to do much else. Still, you're in my prayers. I love you and think of you often.


  2. I haven't been able to find my motivation for running.

  3. every runner has running slumps...at least I do. It will come back and probably with a vengance, no worries :)