Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still Sleeping

This post is an actual question. I am not looking for someone to give me scriptural proof texting to back up what I rebelliously want to do instead of God's best. What do you think about getting up early. Honestly, when I do get up early, I love it. However, I am having a love affair with my pillow that has been on-going and idolatrous for years. I need sleep, seriously. But, I also love sleep. It is like a hobby, a friend. I sleep when I am tired physically, emotionally, spiritually. I love sleeping.

Lately though, I have been learning about prayer and being devoted to prayer because I genuinely want to grow closer to the Lord and see his Spirit empower my work and life... And move more fluidly to his guiding voice on a daily basis. So I am praying and I am reading and thinking and we don't have cable so that we will spend less time idly. However, I find that getting up early is a stumbling block for me. It is hard to get up early and even harder to let the first thing that I do be prayer. I have prayed that my body would want less sleep to try to help this out. i think I would have to go to bed at 8:30pm in order to get up early enough to do what I would like in the morning.

All of that to say, Here is my question. What do you think about morning times? How do you get up early and make it through the day? Is it better to get up with the Lord rather than go to bed with Him? What are your thoughts? Rebuke me, teach me, fill me in, I am open.


  1. Um. We are the same person. I am no help. But will check back for wisdom from others!

  2. I am torn about this. Mostly because I love mornings. But, I also love night. Ideally, really, I'd just always sleep through the afternoon. But, I think it breaks down into a lot of things. Preference, motive, kinds of rest. I, personally, have the oppurtunity to get up and get ready and go to work, but then have like 20 min to an hour to actually enjoy my morning. Because of that, I can read my Bible and start slow. It is ideal, but when I'm back to a different will be different. Waking up an hour earlier to have my morning the way I function best with will cost me more. But, I see the value in sacrifice just as much as I see the value in rest and taking care of yourself. I just can't say there is more value in one over the other. Maybe it's a little push a little pull. A little early, a little prayer, and a slow transformation with a little dedication and a little care.

    But, overall, I believe it's a little different for everyone. I try to spend my first concious moment in a simple prayer of "God, fill me today. Guide my steps." But, sometimes the noise is too much.

    And more than anything, I think it's about the rythmn, the quiet. Finding our way to that.

    Does that even make sense? Alas, no answers to be had yet. I'm sure we'll talk more about it soon.

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  4. I also don't feel like I have much wisdom. I will offer my opinion and will check back for wisdom.

    For me, it is about sacrifice. I am not a morning person and absolutely love sleep. I have to be at work pretty early, and the Lord knows how much I would rather sleep in (which happens more than I would like). When I do make the sacrifice to get up earlier and have more than 5 minutes with Him, I feel I have died to self a bit more. It is great preparation for the day.
    I do feel some days that I begin spending time with Him, I am more under attack. I don't know if that is becuase the Enemy knows how necessary it is for me that he wants to discourage, but it can be frustrating.

    With that being said, spending time with Him at night can be incredibly fruitful. If I am more awake and alert I am more apt to respond. I think I am a bit better at listening and being still at night (this is a big struggle at any time of the day, though!).

    I am not sure if one time is better than the other. I find benefit in both and would love to have the passion and desire to begin and end my days with quality time with him. I need to work on my selfish heart to fix my "time management" issues.

  5. I just stumbled upon this…

    I have a daily devotional sent to my email (and subsequently my phone) every morning. Before I get out of bed, I read this email. It is usually a quick blurb of something, but it is enough to remind me where I should keep my focus all day. I am not a morning person IN THE LEAST, so I end up struggling more with self and spirituality through a guilty perspective if I fail to wake up that extra hour early. Reading this devotional only takes a minute or two of my worship, and helps me remember to check back in throughout the day in my more alert hours.

    I also believe that God made us uniquely different to accomplish different tasks for Him. I could stay up late and attend to discussion after a Bible study much better than my incredible friends who go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 5 am.